Jun.6.2016Sixth “Sports for Life ~Celebrating Life with Sports~” Article Picked Up

Towards the hosting of the KANSAI World Masters Games 2021, “KANSAI Masters Sports Festival” is being held various places in the whole district of Kansai region, and it is to create the purpose of fermenting the opportunity of sports for lifetime.

This time we have interviewed Mr.Masaharu SAKAMOTO who participated in a softball competition held at Kashihara athletic park in Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture. The competition is part of year 2016 “Good Health and Longevity Festival” Nara prefecture’s senior sports cultural exchange event – “Nara Senior Healthy Festa”.

Mr.SAKAMOTO is one of the fastest pitcher in Nara prefecture. We asked Mr.SAKAMOTO about the attraction of team competition and the secret to fully enjoy own life.

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