May.31.2016Courtesy call to the Nara Prefectural Government Office

On May 30th, 2016 (Monday) – we made a courtesy call to the Nara prefecture’s official mascot SENTO-kun at Nara Prefectural Government Office.

This was SUFULA’s fourth visit to KANSAI World Masters Games 2021 host cities.

SUFULA gave a presents of own goods to SENTO-kun, and then SENTO-kun gave commemorative goods to SUFULA, such as pin badge of National Cultural Festival/Cultural Art Festival for handicapped people, the events will be held from September through November next year. They have encouraged each other to make the Games/Events successful.

Nara Prefectural Government Office is surrounded by many National treasures and important cultural properties. We could see the National treasure of Todai-ji (Temple) Daibutsu-den(Great Buddha Hall) from their rooftop garden on top of the prefectural government building.

KANSAI World Masters Games 2021 plans for establishing “Sports Tourism” by using KANSAI’s enchanting tourism and cultural resources.

From now on, we will introduce sight-seeing information of the cities where we make courtesy calls to.

Nara Prefecture photo news updated information about our visit on their web-site.

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