Feb.22.2016Second Council Meeting Held.

Today, KANSAI World Masters Games Organising Committee holds its Second Council Meeting. The Chairman Mr.Shouichi YANAGIMOTO from Athlete Network and other members from Japan Sports Agency, Japan Sports Association, JOC (Japanese Olympic Committee), JPSA (Japan Pro Surfing Association) have attended the meeting and widely discussed on following agendas.


(1) Agenda

① Suggested Fundamental Plan of Games

② Suggested Budget and Business Plan of fiscal year 2016


(2) Reporting Items

① Progress and forecast of Stadium Selections

② Strengthening Plan of the Organising Committee

③ Nickname of Games MASCOT character and appointment ceremony as a Games Ambassador


③’s nickname of character was widely voted from all over Japan and the votes was ended on Dec. 25th, 2015. And results are as following.


・Total votes 1,460 (from Male: 916、from Female: 544)

(Votes were from 47 Japanese Prefectures)

・By Age

Under 20:34  20 to 29:168  30 to 39:260  40 to 49:364

50 to 59:373    60 to 69:147  Over 70:114


Decided MASCOT’s Nickname:  「SUFULA」

The Winner:   Ms.Miyuki TSUCHII(lives in OSAKA)

Winner’s comment:

I inspired the name from Games theme, “The Blooming of Sport for Life”. The part, “Sport for Life” and its each word’s initial pronounces, ”Su” “Fu” “La” in Japanese.

I think that the name sounds friendly. I hope the character’s name would support growth of international games and appeal Japan to the World.