Nov.5.2015KICKOFF Press Performance Held!

On November 1 (Sunday), KANSAI World Masters Games 2021 held a KICKOFF Press Performance at Akihabara in Tokyo.

Mr. So TAKEI, our Support Ambassador and Ms. Sayaka AKIMOTO, our Special Guests, were welcome to promote PR of KANSAI World Masters Games 2021 and to assist to collect ideas of naming for the Games MASCOT.

In the talk, the two guests enlivened the atmosphere by their sports experience conversations such as the importance of exercising training every day, how to adjust the conditions toward the games on stage etc, and they presented their speech of seriously working for sports, including the magnificence of life long sport as the motto of the Games.

In reply to the question as to which sports are desired to challenge in the Games, Mr. TAKEI commented “ I want to enter as many events as possible so far as I can afford physically as scheduled”, and Ms. AKIMOTO expressed her interest to comment “I wish I can enter Shooting and a Triathlon.”