Oct.30.2015Announcement of Games Mascot Design & its Award Ceremony Held

On October 29, KANSAI World Masters Games 2021 held an announcement of Games Mascot Design and its Award Ceremony. Among many applications of works, Ms. Ayumu SAKATA was selected as the Prize Winner and she expressed her thoughts for the Games MASCOT “I’m glad to be a real parent for MASCOT of the First World Games in KANSAI as well as in Asia, and that this MASCOT will be grown to be loved by many people from now on.”

The President, Mr. IDO, commented as the Representative of the Organising Committee“The full body is colored PINK as a motif of Cherry.  And, the edge of the nose is made of a seed.   The image of MASCOT seems that due to its scatterbrained character, it continuously dropped its seed from the nose to bloom the flower.   In this sense, I thought that this MASCOT might bloom flowers in the Games, and I chose this MASCOT.”   Then, Ms. SAKATA was rewarded for the award certificate and for the catalogue of gift.