Oct.29.2015Games MASCOT Design Has Been Decided ! !

Everyone, thank you indeed for giving us many applications.   Among the designs applied, the Games MASCOT with friendship and affection has been selected.   KANSAI World Masters Games 2021 will try to enliven more the Games with this MASCOT.


Further, the Prize Winner is as follows:

Prize Winner       Ms. Ayumu SAKATA      inhabitant in Osaka City

Total number of applications      287 works


“ Explanation of the Games MASCOT”

*Color and Shape of  ”Cherry” is the motif as the Games Emblem.

*Scarf waving in the wind symbolizes the pleasant wind bathed in sports.

*Nose is made of Seed so that the Games this time can be “sprouts” of life sports.


Its character is much fond of sports and is scatterbrained so that the seed of nose may drop out somewhere.   For this reason, cherries appear everywhere, and this phenomenon surprises everybody.