Oct.16.2015Second “Sport for Life~Celebrating Life with Sports~“ Article Picked Up

Toward the hosting of the KANSAI World Masters Games 2021, “KANSAI Masters Sports Festival” is being held everywhere for the purpose of fermenting the opportunity for life sports in the whole district of KANSAI area.

This time, KANSAI World Masters Games 2021 picked up the pair of Mr. Masaru MATSUBAYASHI and MS. Megumi TOH, who staged at the Dance Sports Competition in Shiga Prefecture, and collected the data for them.   The Competition was held from 9:00 in the morning till 6:30 in the afternoon, and the events such as Tango, Waltz and Latin were competed against the intercity competitions etc. The dressed up dancing figures were extremely beautiful and the step works were splendid so as to feel gorgeous in every respect in sight.