• May.15.20174 years to go to the WORLD MASTERS GAMES 2021 KANSAI.

  • Apr.30.2017Let’s Meet in 2021 Kansai!

  • Apr.21.20172017 World Masters Games Auckland has finally begun!

    The Opening Ceremony for WMG2017 in Auckland finally took place today.
  • Jun.22.2016Courtesy call to the Tottori Prefectural Office

  • Jun.20.2016Courtesy call on Mozuyan – the PR Manager/Deputy Governor of Osaka Prefecture

  • Jun.14.2016Courtesy call to the Tokushima Prefectural Government Office

  • Jun.6.2016Sixth “Sports for Life ~Celebrating Life with Sports~” Article Picked Up

  • Jun.6.2016June 4th, 2016 (Saturday) Visited Kyoto City’s Event for commemorating the establishment of the “Good Health and Longevity City – Kyoto Citizen Convention”

  • Jun.3.2016Courtesy call to the Kyoto Prefectural Office

  • May.31.2016Courtesy call to the Nara Prefectural Government Office

  • May.31.2016Courtesy call to Hyogo Lifelong Sport Event’s Opening Ceremony

  • May.25.2016Courtesy call to the Wakayama Prefectural Government Office

  • May.23.2016Commissioner of the Japan Sports Agency, Ph.D Daichi SUZUKI has visited our office in OSAKA

  • May.23.2016Attending at J-Green Sakai Festival

  • May.13.2016Greeting to the Commissioner of Japan Sports Agency Ph.D Daichi SUZUKI

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