• Jun.23.2017The fourth time participation in World Masters Games with her teammate who is participating for the first time. (Participant of the World Masters Games 2017 Auckland, Ms. Michiko Oto (Swimming))

    “Voices from the participants of the World Masters Games 2017 Auckland Vol.1 Ms. Michiko Oto”
  • May.15.20174 years to go to the WORLD MASTERS GAMES 2021 KANSAI.

  • Apr.30.2017Let’s Meet in 2021 Kansai!

  • Apr.21.20172017 World Masters Games Auckland has finally begun!

    The Opening Ceremony for WMG2017 in Auckland finally took place today.
  • Jun.22.2016Courtesy call to the Tottori Prefectural Office

  • Jun.20.2016Courtesy call on Mozuyan – the PR Manager/Deputy Governor of Osaka Prefecture

  • Jun.14.2016Courtesy call to the Tokushima Prefectural Government Office

  • Jun.6.2016Sixth “Sports for Life ~Celebrating Life with Sports~” Article Picked Up

  • Jun.6.2016June 4th, 2016 (Saturday) Visited Kyoto City’s Event for commemorating the establishment of the “Good Health and Longevity City – Kyoto Citizen Convention”

  • Jun.3.2016Courtesy call to the Kyoto Prefectural Office

  • May.31.2016Courtesy call to the Nara Prefectural Government Office

  • May.31.2016Courtesy call to Hyogo Lifelong Sport Event’s Opening Ceremony

  • May.25.2016Courtesy call to the Wakayama Prefectural Government Office

  • May.23.2016Commissioner of the Japan Sports Agency, Ph.D Daichi SUZUKI has visited our office in OSAKA

  • May.23.2016Attending at J-Green Sakai Festival

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